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St. Joseph of the Three Rivers Council 11550 at 25 East Harrison Ave., North Bend, OH 45052 US - Council Officers

Council Officers

St Joseph of the Three Rivers Council 11550 of the Knights of Columbus officers and program chairs for the 2012-2013 year:

Father Harry Gerdes (Chaplain) 347-5647
Rich Joesting (Grand Knight) 941-1369
 Dave Gerth Deputy Grand Knight) 941-0388
Charlie Wilke {PGK} (Financial Secretary) 941-4698
Bob Merten (Treasurer) 941-4911
Carl Braun (Chancellor) 367-6258
Mike Groh (Recorder)  
Mike Pfaffinger (Advocate) 470-7557
Scott Schrader (Warden) 526-7817
Dave Schrader (Inside Guard)  
Gil Carr (Outside Guard) 574-8990
John DuMont (Insurance Agent) 661-6928
Mick Brady (3 Year Trustee) 574-3866
Chris Gambetta (2 Year Trustee) 467-0790
Lester Wilson (1 Year Trustee) 941-3375
Program Chair
Bob Nieporte {PGK} (Council Director and Lecturer) 574-7759
Dan Warnock {PGK} (Program Director) 941-6667
Steve Kruse (Church Director) 941-7613
Gill Carr (Right To Life Director) 574-8990
Gary Beckemeyer (Youth Director) 941-3017
Don Larrick  (Family Director) 941-0538 
Paul Beck (Community Director) 941-6035
Jim Bischoff {PGK} (Membership Director) 574-4825




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